Broiler Supervisor - Hazlehurst MS - Production

Primary Function
Supervises contract broiler growers in the production of quality, cost-efficient broilers using approved poultry husbandry practices.
Performs administrative duties preparing and maintaining reports in the area of broiler production.
Major Responsibilities
Directs and persuades contract broiler growers to follow the approved broiler growing practices, maintaining farm facilities and growing broilers.
Checks progress of broiler growout on each flock and makes timely corrections as good poultry husbandry suggest.
Manages the learning and training experience of contract broiler growers to continually improve the knowledge and skills in successful broiler growout.
Advises Broiler Manager as to broiler health issues and administers medications and vaccines prescribed by the Corporate Veterinarian.
Pulls fat and blood samples from all flocks on a timely basis as required.
Must manage medications and associated paperwork to provide timely and accurate inventories.
Maintains a bio-security program on all farms.
Maintains company animal welfare program as it pertains to broilers.
Performs other duties as required.
Key Working Relationships
Reports to the Broiler Manager who provides general supervision and policy guidance concerning priorities, as well as specific assignments.
Maintains close working relationship with other Broiler Flock Supervisors, Feed Mill, builders and health departments. Hatchery, Live Haul, Accounting, Laboratory, Processing, Vehicle Shop, vendors, bankers,
Position Requirements
Academic: Bachelors degree in agriculture, science, business or related area or equivalent experience.
Experience: One year experience in poultry production preferred.
Personal: Identify with the values and philosophies and mission of Sanderson Farms, Inc.
Ability to supervise and direct contract broiler growers in approved poultry growout practices.
Ability to communicate with superiors on a wide range of poultry-related topics.
Fortitude enough to handle wet, dry, cold, hot and dusty conditions that prevail in broiler houses.
Job Details
City: Hazlehurst
State: Mississippi
Department: Production
Date Posted: October 17, 2018

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